• The long queue of patients at his clinic in chowk reveals the popularity of his herbal preparation, according to mr. rastogi oil applied on effected part with a gentle massage for about 10-12 minutes, if applied for a span of six to eight months even chronic arthritis pain can be cured, even he claims to have cured few polio patients of initial stages, Apart from applying the oil he recommends some basic exercise to patients under treatment. Tarun Subhash,Times of india,1999

  • Acc. to Doc Ajay pandey, his mother was suffering from acute sciatica, she consulted many specialists without any apparent relief. Thereafter she applied Karishma Oil and was completely free from any pain. Dr. R. A. Gupta ramnagar, barabanki writes that sprain in his leg was relieved with in fifteen minutes after applying Karishma Oil. Hindustan Times 2000 Article


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